I recently started to work at VMware. It is a new technology field for me, after development tools, databases, XML and lots of middleware at BEA and Oracle. After taking a break for a few months during which I looked at various opportunities  (in one of the worst economic climate in recent history), I decided that VMware had the right mix of  technology lead, market lead and market opportunity, hunger for more innovation, energy and smart people.

VMware also has a new management team that is committed to keep the company growing an innovating. Like most people, I think that the team I work with is the most important factor in a  job selection. I am glad and excited to work with Tod Nielsen and Rick Jackson again. I am also looking forward to working with the rest of the team here at VMware. A company does not become this successful without awesome people.

In my first two weeks here I worked to get up to speed on the core technology, the product line and how customers use it in their IT departments. The feeling that I keep experiencing as I learn more about VMware technology is of incredulity. This virtualization stuff really sounds like magic, but it actually works. Customers *love* the technology and the percentage of VMware customers that use our products in mission critical production environments is staggering.

It reminds me of my experience at BEA, where WebLogic developers were devoted fans of the product, technology and the team behind them.

The reason I decided to blog about this new experience comes from a conversation I just had at lunch with Pratap Subrahmanyam, a VMware veteran who knows more about virtualization than most people.  I was explaining to him that to get up to speed I like to eat the dog food and use the product first hand. I have a web site that I built in 1999 and it runs on a legacy platform that is in maintenance mode today. This is a very good (although relatively basic) use case for virtualization. I could virtualize the whole environment and then run it as a virtual machine on VMware Server (or ESX, more later) for many years in the future without worrying about hardware failures, hardware and software upgrades, and so on. Moreover, I just learned that the carbon footprint of a medium server is equivalent to driving an SUV, therefore it would be nice to consolidate my web server and my multimedia desktop into one and take an SUV off the road.

Anyway, as I was telling Pratap what I am trying to do, he suggested I would blog about it for other people’s benefit. So here it goes.

I am also refreshing my knowledge of operating systems by taking this online course courtesy of Berkeley University 20 or so years after taking a similar course with Joy Marino at the University of Genova, Italy. Oh my, has it been that long??  I just feel like I need to go deeper to better understand and appreciate virtualization technology, be credible with customers and the engineering team at VMware.

Let the virtualization journey begin!

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