Care and Kick Butt!!!!

Like a lot of you I have been through my share of companies each with their own corporate values. All of them sounded good on paper. Heck, they are designed to sound good!!

But here is what I found the problem with them is:

  • Values are only meaningful if they are lived every day, if they are put into tangible action by the management team down day in and day out.
  • As I get older I have a hard time with long list of things (where long is 5) and the product manager in me reminds me that having short and sweet priorities is paramount

So, after years of working in, leading, studying teams and organizations, I think that if I had a company on my own again I would boil the company values down to two. Ready? Here they go:

  • Care
  • Kick Butt

<—- emendament Gordon makes a good point in the comment below, so I am revising this already to 3 points:

  • Be Honest
  • Care
  • Kick Butt

‘cos if you are not honest you may care about the wrong things and kick butt in the wrong direction


Wherever you see excellence, you see people who care and kick butt. They care about their customers, the product they build, their colleagues, their families, their communities… and they kick butt, ‘cos if we just care but we don’ act on it… well we are just useless nice and caring people 🙂

Just a clarification: this does not mean that I am leaving or even considering leaving VMware. I love this place and I am here for the long run. It just hit me that these would be good, concise values for a company.


9 thoughts on “Care and Kick Butt!!!!

  1. There needs to be the honesty thing – if you have something to say, say it but say it straight. If you see something that is broken and you can’t or shouldn’t fix it, tell some one who can or should. If you screw up, say so. If the boat needs rocking, rock it; if an ass needs kicking, kick it – but do it for honest reasons.

    Otherwise I’m good with the other 2.

  2. This post has converted me to your blog. I love it. My personal mission statement has always been 1. Honesty; 2. Customer Focus; 3. do the right thing.

    Kick butt definitely belongs on my list. Consider it added.


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