We are on a Mission from… Paul

VMworld is around the corner and many people at VMware are working really hard to get ready to host thousands of our enthusiastic customers in San Francisco.

A handful of my colleagues and I have an extra reason to be excited about this upcoming event as we are part of Elastic Sky, the official VMware band (you can follow us on our newly created facebook page). Every year we open for the band that plays at our customer appreciation event.

For example, last year we opened for Foreigner. Great fun.

Message in a Bottle


This year we are scrambling to get the band back together (hence the Blue Brothers quote) as we lost a couple of players along the way.

So watch out on campus as we are going around recruiting new members and frantically rehearsing to get ready to open for INXS.

.. we are on a mission from… Paul


One thought on “We are on a Mission from… Paul

  1. Hai bisogno di aiuto?

    Il mio resume e’ su linked in e tu sei uno dei miei contatti.

    Fammi sapere se hai opportunita’ che possono interessarmi…



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