VMworld is Next Week!!!

The biggest VMworld yet is about to start next week in San Francisco.

It is a very exciting one, not just because we get to meet with so many customers at once, but also because we have ton of new things to talk about.

I recently took a new position within VMware and although I loved the Journey project and I am grateful for all  that I learned from our customers during the primary research we did during the last 16 months, I now work in the Desktop Business Unit and I am really excited about it.

One of the first thing I sponsored in my new role was to extend the customer journey project to the desktop virtualization area. In the virtualization journey project we learned what are the entry points and business triggers for desktop virtualization but we did not drill down into how the desktop journey evolves over time, what are the stages, the enablers, the obstacles and so so. Stay tuned for more to come on this subject. I will still blog about the overall journey as I still have a lot of content from the customers interviews that I never published.

Going back to VMworld, we are going to unveil a number of new products and initiatives across our Cloud Computing Platform. In the desktop area, we are going to be very busy with product, vision and customer announcements.

See you next week in San Francisco. I will try to tweet about what I learn in between meetings http://twitter.com/vmwjourney


P.S. and of course, don’t miss the performance of Elastic Sky, our very own VMware band on Wednesday night when we open the customer appreciation party right before the INXS’s concert. You can follow the band on Facebook.

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