Behind the Scenes of VMware View 4.5 Product of the Year

Last week VMware view 4.5 won the product of the year award from eWeek. My congratulations go to the people in the View R&D team who have worked really hard on this release. We are in good company with some fine products up there including the iPad and Salesforce Chatter.

I want to share some behind the scenes for this great release. Like all great releases that move the needle in the market place, this too was developed with sweat and some pain. Most of the pain came from a slight delay in the GA date. We are all proud engineers around here at VMware and we take delivery date really, really seriously but… we take quality even more seriously and that’s why in May we decided to take few extra weeks to finalize the product.  For some reasons, this delay was very visible in the market place. I guess it is flattery that we get all this attention from the media and the competition.

This was of course this was hard on the team but we made the right call and we now enjoying the results with great product reviews but more importantly, great customer traction.

I joined the team late in the release cycle so I don’t deserve any credit for this release, so…

Congratulations View Team, the delivery pain was worth it,  the baby is Beautiful!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of VMware View 4.5 Product of the Year

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