Where does the TCO for VDI come from?

In a previous post I shared some research we have carried out to figure out what the most important factors that customers take into account when it come to choosing a VDI solution.

The top factor is manageability which happens to be a core strength of VMware View 4.6 and one of the main reasons why we win customers.

In this other blog post our technical marketing team put together some videos that compared some key provisioning and management workflows between View 4.6 and XenDesktop 5.0.

If you are a VMware customer and are evaluating a virtual desktop solution, you should really take a close look to these videos as they showcase how View 4.6 delivers a much lower TCO by greatly reducing the time it takes to perform crucial routine tasks required to deploy and manage a VDI solution.

Creating a master image for deployment


Deploying a virtual desktop pool

Add/remove a virtual desktop from a pool

Deleting a desktop pool


6 thoughts on “Where does the TCO for VDI come from?

    • What we are talking about here is not the set up that you do once and forget about. These are routine desktop operations that greatly impact operational efficiency and therefore ROI. – Vittorio

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