Virtual Desktop Vendor Preference

Update: click here for 2011 data.

In this previous post, I shared some data from Morgan Stanley about current VDI deployments that shows VMware and Citrix having an even 40%-40% shares of the installed base. Clearly a very competitive market where customers benefit from the resulting pressure to innovate on both vendors. How will this market unfold? Well, I have my opinion, but I am clearly biased, so let me share some other financial industry data I ran into.

This chart is from Goldman Sachs’ “Mapping 2011: Secular overtakes Cyclical” report dated January 2011 shows customers preference when considering a virtual desktop solution:

This is the related paragraph:

According to this data, VMware has a clear lead in terms of customers preference. This is probably a combination of having a leading VDI product in the market combined with the fact that a vast majority of ALL desktop virtualization deployments run on vSphere (again according to this third party data from Morgan Stanley’s “Hard Field Data on Virtual Desktop ROI & Adoption” report, dated May 2011):

This preference seems to apply to the deployment of Tablet in the enterprise, which is an area where we have been slower that we wanted to bring products to market but where we are clearly getting a lot of traction now.

Finally, here is another chart from Goldman that shows who are the vendors who are becoming more strategic to customers future, which further validate the data above.



7 thoughts on “Virtual Desktop Vendor Preference

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  3. “more strategic to customers future” What does this mean? More in line with accomplishing business goals? I realize that you didn’t write the report, but the strategy bar graph is really vague.

    • @gregcarrier …and also inconsistent w.r.t. Red Hat: though Red Hat became “more strategic”, 0% chooses them for desktop virtualization in 2010 (as opposed to 5% in the years before).

      • The chart about the strategic importance of a vendor is not solely related to desktop. This is overall. – Vittorio

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