VMware Ready Desktop Solutions

Today we launched the View-based Federal Teleworker solution which is the first instance of our newly introduced  VMware Ready Desktop Solution program.

We have been producing reference architecture documents with our hardware partners for a long time now and we also have validation programs for things like thin clients.  Our customers have asked for more. They want an end-to-end validated solution that goes from the underlining hardware, to the required software all the way to third party ISV applications and client end-points.

Moreover, they want a VMware certified partner to installa the solution and stand behind it.

This is what  VMware Ready Desktop Solutions program is.

There is real value in these solutions and there is a bar to entry for our partners to participate in the program. This is because we want to ensure that they have the training, skills and certification to take the guesswork out of virtual desktop implementations and ultimately allow our customers to achieve business value faster.

These solutions are built around the experience of existing customers and use cases that have shown major ROI for desktop virtualization and will help other prospects and customers get there faster.

My thanks to HP and Force 3 for their hard work in working with us on these solutions!


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