View Android Client

In this previous post, I talked about the work that the View engineering team has been doing over the last 18 months to set the foundation for our client releases. We needed to decouple our client release train from the server release train to become nimbler in addressing the always evolving mobile client market. This work culminated in the release of View 4.6 and our iPad client.

Last week, while I was on vacation, the team shipped another major release of the View Client, now supporting Android, which featured and Network World article.

Here is a quick demo:

I wanted to mark this important milestone with this blog post for two important reasons:

Device Coverage

First, by adding Android to the existing iPad client we now cover the majority of tablet devices our customers care about. This was one area where we were behind and we have now caught up with the market. Not only that, but the feedback about the quality and user experience for our mobile client has been terrific. Another great product form the View engineering team tat was worth the wait.

Client Release Agility

Secondly, we have now tuned our development and release process for mobile clients which allows us to be much more responsive to customers’ requests in this area going forward (starting with day zero availability of the View Client on the Cisco Cius when it launches)

Coming up…

Stay tuned for more exciting clients coming your way in the coming months.


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