Q2 2011 Momentum & The Largest View Deal Ever

A couple of weeks back, we announced our Q2 financial results. If you missed it, you can read the transcript from Seeking Alpha.  Overall, Q2 was a great quarter overall and for our the End-User Computing team.

A couple of things worth highlighting from Q2:

  • We closed the largest View deal ever – Q2 saw the continuation of previous quarters momentum for View.  In fact, ee closed a major retailer in the US, which was the largest deal for VDI overall with well over 100,000 seats. We will be working with this company to help them manage their remote, in-store desktops.  This is an exciting deal and one that speaks to a leading use case for VDI.
  • Customers moving from POC to large deployments – Another highlight is the growth in the number of existing customers, coming back and buying more. While this is definitely a good trend for us, we also think that it is a good sign for the industry at large as VDI takes hold, and moves into an expanding number of use cases. One customer worth mentioning is the largest bank in Tokyo. I have shared some info with you before about their deployment in a previous post.  They have aggressively been deploying additional users on View and as of today, their deployment has reached 20,000 users.

As I written before, this is still an early market. New customers are always interested in referenceable customers.  VMware View leads the way in terms of public customer references with over 1,000 seats, which is a testament to the great customer adoption that VMware View is experiencing.

Also, last week we also issued an announcement highlighting some great customers stories in the Education vertical as well.  Worth checking out if you get a chance.



11 thoughts on “Q2 2011 Momentum & The Largest View Deal Ever

  1. Wow this would be interesting news if it was actually deployed and functional. How much of these licenses were given away?

    View has been a joke in the VDI space, it only exists to get more esx and more EMC in people’s environments.

    • You are entitled to your opinion. I am more concerned with data, such as the one presented in this other post. I did not say this is a deployment yet. It is a very sizable View-only deal. BTMU on the other hand is a 20,000 seat deployment. There are not many of those that are publicly available. – Vittorio

  2. I heard 3D support will be coming up soon for View.
    I wonder how many customer actually values that function, and will that change the game?

  3. Buonasera Vittorio,
    ho letto l’articolo sull’accordo tra VMWARE e NVIDIA riguardo la possibilità, in un prossimo futuro, di avere workstation grafiche virtuali e sono molto interessato all’argomento.
    Potresti coertesemente aiutarmi a trovare, se ovviamente già esistono, ulteriori informazioni a riguardo e/o mettermi in contatto con qualcuno? Io sono in Italia e nello specifico a Roma.
    Grazie in anticipo per l’aiuto che potrai darmi.


      • Grazie per le info. Putroppo però avrei l’esigenza di maggiori dettagli, sia sulle tempistiche di disponibilità della soluzione sia la sua applicabilità tecnica poichè, fine 2012 inizi 2013, ho un progetto nel quale dovrei consolidare molte WS grafiche (qualche centinaio..) e volevo sapere se poteva essere asuspicabile utilizzare questa soluzione. Se pensi che le tempistiche possano essere compatibili, a chi posso rivolgermi per avere maggiori dettagli? (VMWARE italia?) Grazie – Simone

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