More VMware View Customer References

Over the last year there has been an acceleration in the deployments of virtual desktops in our customer base. As a result, we keep getting more and more customers willing to talk publicly about their experience with VMware View. We are very proud to add ADP to our list of prestigious customer references list.

ADP Dealer Services

ADP Dealer Services sought an end-user computing (EUC) solution from VMware to enable quick provisioning and de-provisioning of development environments. The ADP Dealer Services team chose VMware View for global deployment. With the View client, the developers access their remote workstations, either locally or remotely. The remote View workstation securely interacts with any ADP application from anywhere. The company has realized two great benefits – the ability for each administrator to manage 300-400 workstations, and the ability of the team to create and deploy workstations exceedingly fast, up to 50 or 60 a day.

Podcast Interview

Video Testimonial

Here is a video interview with ADP CIO Bill Naughton

You can find more information and references here, and here


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