VMware View Momentum

Now that we officially announced our overall 2011 results, I can commend on last year VMware View performance .

Q4 2011 was another record breaking quarter for VMware View finishing a great year for desktop virtualization at VMware and our customers.

This success was driven by more customer deployments as well as the momentum created by the release of View 5.0, the greatest release of View to date.

View 5.0 removed the two remaining technical competitive hurdles as I blogged here, while doubling down on simplicity, scalability (with vSphere 5.0) and ease of use. This is where the ROI for desktop virtualization really comes from, you need to be able to to quickly deploy the solution, scale it and realize the value. That’s where View excels. 

The success achieved with our customer in 2011 has resulted into two significant trends: Customer References and Vendor Preference

View Customer References

VMware View continues to have the largest number of big public references in the market as I wrote here and here. More coming later this week. These are customers who will get on stage or take calls and will proudly talk about their View deployments wit 8000, 1000, 15000, and 25000 seats.

Desktop Virtualization Vendor Preferences

VMware is a top vendor when it comes to customer preference for Desktop Virtualization according to the major financial analyst who cover this space, such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

I am excited about a busy 2012 where we are staying focused on helping more customers realize value from VMware Desktop products, while executing against the broader End User Computing vision that we announced at VMworld.


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