VMware View Customers Momentum

The roster of VMware View customer references keeps growing. I though I would share some of the recent ones so that other customers and prospects could learn how other companies are deploying View 5.0 and what sets View apart from the competition: simplicity, scalability, integration with the vSphere platform and lower costs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City

Learn how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City is using VMware View desktop virtualization software to quickly deploy virtual desktops that meet security requirements outlined by HIPPA regulations while providing clinicians the anytime anywhere access they need to provide the best patient care possible.

“Citrix was very complicated and difficult to maintain. With VMware, it just works out of the box. We don’t spend a lot of time keeping it up and running like we did with Citrix. And now I have time to do other things that I need to be working on instead of just keeping it up and running.”

Video Testimonial

City of Pittsburgh

The City of Pittsburgh’s City Information Systems Department deployed VMware desktop virtualization and server consolidation solutions to support its nearly 3,000 users ranging from public safety, police, and fire to the various branches of local government including the Mayor’s Office, the City Council, and Controller’s Office.

Podcast Interview

Video Testimonial

Seattle University

Long time VMware and View customer.  Regional university in Seattle University that deployed virtual desktops back in 2009 when they were looking for a solution for their computer labs. They looked at both Citrix and VMware but previous experiences dictated that CTX was expensive and complicated to deploy and manage…Additionally they had a big investment in VMware so they went View.  They have about 600 desktops.

Video Testimonial

Case Study


Germany’s largest travel agency has remade their PC landscape across 580 branch offices using virtual desktops. We’ll learn how Germany’s DER Deutsches Reisebüro redefined the desktops delivery vision and successfully implemented 2,300 Windows XP desktops as a service.

Podcast Interview



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