I Am Hiring and I Need you!!!

Yes, I am hiring. I am looking for candidates for product marketing roles at different level of seniority in my team and I want you to contact me if you:

  • want to work on a fast growing product in a fast growing company
  • want to get a chance to define a whole new market
  • want to help defining the future of end user computing
  • rather do than pontificate
  • like pragmatism over perfectionism
  • work hard, play hard

but most importantly, if you:

  • like to work with an amazing engineering team which makes the world go round
  • care and kick butt

Contact me!!  

Don’t send me your resume. Just tell me what you have done, with whom you have done it and how you delighted your customers.

Nice written boring resumes will be ignored. I can find you on LinkedIn if I need to.

Your education is important only if you have a track record of putting it to good use.

I am a demanding boss who you will love to work for and I will stay out of your way. We are here to change the world, not to step on each other.


6 thoughts on “I Am Hiring and I Need you!!!

  1. Would love to chat about this. Lots of EMC experience, both product development and alliance roles. Several startups and consulting roles earlier in my career, so I’ve seen it all. Want to be part of something cool and interesting.

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