Code Rules!!

Shipping rules!!

At VMware’s core we are a collection of proud engineers.

We take quality extremely seriously, we take our time to integrate our products and test them thoroughly. Then we ship and it is a big celebration. It should be!!!! It is hard, rewarding work.

Today, I am thrilled to announce that we have reached another major milestone with our End-User Computing portfolio – we are turning the vision we unveiled at VMworld last year into shipping products!!!!

In a nutshell, our vision is to deliver the end-user management platform for the post-PC-only era.

  • End-user value: It delivers end-users their desktop, apps and data with a consistent user experience across all their devices.
  • IT value: It gives IT a single management platform that empowers IT to define the policies that determine which users get what, when and with what level of security.

Your Personal Cloud: Enabling a New Way to Work

Today, we are announcing products across all three axes of our strategy:

  • Desktop as a Service,
  • Apps as a service, and
  • Data as a service.

View 5.1 – Deliver your Desktop as a Service

VMware View has always been the easiest way to deliver the desktop as a service on VMware vSphere. In this release we have made major advancements in two main areas

  • Lowering the cost of acquisition and ownership
  • Improving user experience and Client support

With the introduction of View Storage Accelerator, we are improving storage performance between 50% (average load) to 10 times (peak loads) without increasing cost.

This advance further reduces the cost of deploying virtual desktops with VMware View to where, if a customer follows our reference architecture, costs fall below that of physical desktops.

We are also announcing the availability of vCenter Operations for View, an edition of vCOps that specifically support VMware View and gives our customers complete visibility from the View Client protocol all the way back to their vSphere infrastructure.

On the user experience front, we further optimized the PCoIP protocol to the point that, for most use cases, it is hard to tell a virtual desktop apart from physical.  To top it all off, we now have clients on all major platforms.

Horizon Application Manager 1.5 – Your Cloud Broker
Horizon Application Manager is about delivering applications as services through an enterprise application store. In this release of Horizon we are making the product available on-prem, worldwide with support for SaaS applications and Windows (ThinApp) applications.

This is a screen shot from the internal deployment at VMware where employees have single-sign-on access to all our SaaS apps and Windows apps.  With a simple click on a Windows app in Horizon, employees can run the Windows app locally on their Windows desktop (Physical of Virtual).

Project Octopus Beta – Your Personal Data Cloud

Today, we are also announcing the launch of VMware Project Octopus Beta. Octopus is our enterprise-grade file syncing and sharing solutions. It gives end users access their files synced across all of their devices, while providing IT an on-prem solution where they have control with asset logging, management, and the ability to remotely wipe data off of lost devices.

In a nutshell, VMware Project Octopus Beta gives IT peace of mind by allowing them to keep their corporate data safely within their firewall, while allowing them to give their end users an alternative to cloud-based file syncing services.

I want to thank our engineers who worked hard on these release and the customers who helped us shape them with insightful feedback and participation in alpha and beta programs.

Now that this release is out, we take a moment to celebrate.  But then, the celebration is going to be quickly over and we are going to be busy writing more great code, because…



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