The VMware Horizon Suite is Here!!!

As I said before, code rules!!!! Today I am super excited to introduce the alfa release of the VMware Horizon suite, the Platform for Workforce Mobility.

Last year at VMworld, we unveiled our vision for End User Computing and in May we show progress across all axis of that vision, that is Desktop, Apps and Data, by shipping a new version of View, Horizon Application Manager and the beta release of Octopus for secure file syncing and sharing.

Since then, our engineering team has been very busy bringing these component together into a one, integrated and cohesive suite. It hard work, don’t try to do this at home (nor should you have to do it), but we believe it is the right thing to do in the long run.

The VMware Horizon Suite provides end user with a single place to get access to their apps, data and desktop and gives IT a single management console to manage entitlements policies and security.

Here is a video or a rough demo I took from my laptop and iPad.

This alfa integrates both Horizon Application manager, the project formerly known as Octopus and some new mobile application management capabilities from a project internally known as Fuji. It will also feature the HTML remoting technologies that we demoed last year as part of the AppBlast project. In this first release of the Suite we will use the HTML remoting protocol to give user access to their View desktops from any browser but stay tuned for more exciting ways we are going to leverage this technology.

I am not sure if people caught this in the demo on stage, but we are also going to support the ability to entitle and access XenApp published apps using the Horizon Suite and client.

We expect the beta to be available later this year and I cannot wait to get this in the hands of our customers.


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