Thank You VMware!

Lucky Man

I am a lucky man!!! Since I started my own software company back in italy, I have had the chance to work in some of the best companies in their respective fields. From the acquisition of my startup by Object Design, the pioneer in object and XML databases, to BEA, the  leader of Java application platforms, to Oracle and for the last 4 years,VMware.

The experience at VMware has been fantastic and has given me the opportunity to work on two of the most impactful projects of my career: the Virtualization Journey and the End User Computing Vision and product line. I am truly grateful for this.

The Virtualization Journey Lives On

The Virtualization Journey still lives on and I believe it is the most pragmatic and prescriptive way to move IT from the past of physical servers to modern cloud computing.

The journey is built on the experience of dozens of real customers and that’s why it has been so successful within VMware customers and the industry at large. Working on the journey really helped cement in me how powerful it is to listen carefully to customers, learn, then share the lessons with other customers and prospects, something we often talk about in this industry, but not often do.

VMware EUC vision and VMware View

When I moved into the VMware R&D organization from Marketing in 2010, I worked on VMware View and then on the EUC vision.

VMware View rocks!!! Without disclosing confidential information, I can tell you that as I transition out of the team, VMware View was growing 3-4 times faster than the competition until Q2 early this year. In the most recent quarter Citrix enterprise desktop revenue shrank 1% Y/Y while view kept growing very nicely. A testament to a great product that clearly continues to gain market shares and a great team that is not afraid to compete with a whole company which is solely focussed on the Desktop market (to my Citrix friends, I know you are reading, I have the feeling you have not seen the last of me 😉

A great ride and great fun (yes, including dancing on Citrix’ campus the day we shipped View 5.0)

After accelerating  View momentum in the market place, we worked on giving the End User Computing Team a bigger vision which we unveiled at VMworld 2011 which resulted in the Alpha version of the platform being showcased at VMworld 2012.

I still believe in the  vision of an integrated management platform to manage the post-PC era across legacy windows desktops and mobile devices.

But in any major industry transformation like the mobile revolution we are living in these days, one or two pure plays always emerge as successful independent companies, which takes me to what’s new for me…

What’s Next?

Last week I left VMware and joined MobileIron as VP of Marketing. MobileIron is the leader in security and management for mobile apps, documents, and devices.

I decided that after spending almost my entire career working on the “new thing” within big companies, it was time for me to try the pure play route. Moreover, I have been in the valley for more than 10 years and I still have not given the startup dream a real chance.

So here I am on a new journey. Lots to do and lots to learn. I will keep this blog alive under a new domain ( and will focus the content more on the mobile industry. My new twitter account is


Thank you VMware, it has been a great ride and you have been very good to me.

MobileIron, I am excited about the future here. Let’s kick some butt.


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