Good Luck Steve Herrod

VMware’s CTO Steve Herrod announced a couple of weeks back that he is leaving VMware. After he interviewed me in 2009 when I first got the job at VMware (which i left a couple of months ago), I had the privilege of working with Steve and learned a ton by watching him in action at HQ and at VMworld.

I will miss the adrenaline rush of helping prepare the VMworld EUC keynote and then see Steve deliver it to 20,000 people…   always a big success as he is consumate presenter who never misses a bit on stage thanks to his vast knowledge of VMware technology and how customers use it.  Plus, he is a drinker of fine espresso 🙂

Here are some memories of us on stage together. Starting from the most fun, singing TNT live while opening for INXS in 2010

The demo at Vmworld 2011

and our last one together at Vmworld 2012

I will miss being on stage with him!

I know he will be very successful with his new adventure and I hope to be working together again someday.


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