Stuck in (Mobile IT) Warp Speed

Man, I just realized that I have been almost completely absent from Twitter and blogging since i joined MobileIron 5 months ago.

This is how it feels:

My absence is not for lack of things to share, the opposite is true. The challenge has been to carve out the time from the fast pace of learning mode I am in to share the lessons on this blog.

Here are the main area of learning thus far:

The Mobile Market is Moving Incredibly fast

Everybody knows that the rate of adoption, innovation and change in the mobile world we live in is unprecedented. This is challenging everybody, from IT departments on the customer side to traditional and new players on the vendor side. The Mobile Revolution is reshaping the IT stack and  the software market as we know it.

Mobile IT from within is Very Different

I looked into the mobile market, its trend and customer requirements in my previous job as we were extending our product line to add Mobile management capabilities. I have to say that looking at it from within the Mobile tornado working for a Mobile Pure Player perspective is a different world.  I am surrounded by colleagues with pure mobile DNA who have the scars of working in mobile IT since 2007. Heck, they invented some of the major Mobile innovations in this space like selected wiping and Mobile Enterprise App store. Moreover, we now have nearly 5000 customers using our platform who are helping us learn what’s needed today and more importantly in the future. I am definitely thrilled I made the transition to a mobile pure player.

I love Running Marketing  (more than I thought I would)

When I was on the product development and product marketing side, I used to whine about marketing things such as the web site, company brand, advertisement, leads and so on… Funny how this happens, I am know responsible with my team for all these things and I have to make them work and I am loving it!  I am learning a ton in the process and I developed a big appreciation for how hard it and rewarding it is.

The first thing we tackled was how to tell the company vision in a way that is compelling for our customers and easy to tell for our field and channel. A lot of the deliverables are internally focused (sales and partner training, company presentation etc) but you can get a peak at the story in this video.

and in the product section of our legacy web site. A new website is coming soon.

Scrum Rules (yup, I use scrum to run marketing)

In my last few gigs on the product development side of things, I fully adopted agile development. Not just doing the daily stand up meeting (which many people associate with doing agile…), but fully embracing a development methodology based on quick iterations, code over specs, pragmatism, personal accountability and full transparency.

On my second week on the job, I trained my marketing team on Scrum and we started using this methodology to run marketing and get things done. We have not looked back.

Our customers are our field, partners and channel, the product is fundamentally the company story and the metrics around it (leads, revenues and so on) and we do iteration of 2 weeks. I will blog extensively about this as I don’t believe many companies do this and I am now convinced they should 🙂   Click here to learn more.

I am glad to be back blogging and this post will serve as a table of content for the upcoming articles.



4 thoughts on “Stuck in (Mobile IT) Warp Speed

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  2. Really great stuff. Scrumming is so effective and I’m glad you introduced it. It’s great discipline and I really value the transparency of purpose/direction that comes from it. Also, excited to see the “Mobile IT Platform” story further unravel under your direction.

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