Mobile IT is Different… Somethings Stay the Same…

As I mentioned in this other post, one of the main lessons I learned since I joned MobileIron, is that Mobile IT is very different when you look at it from within the tornado, from a pure play perspective such as MobileIron.

Mobile IT DNA Critical Mass

We have engineers here that have been writing production level code to manage apps, data and devices across all mobile operation systems for years. We have plenty of patents in this area and Mobile IT technology firsts like enterprise app store and selective device wiping as well as almost 5000 customers to prove it. It was clear to me since the first day I joined that this company has the right DNA to innovate and succeed in this space. Mobile IT is redefining the modern IT stack and if history repeats itself, it is always one or two pure players that propels a new market and MobileIron is well positioned to be it for Enterprise Mobility Management. We have critical mass in both Mobile IT DNA and customers success.

mobileiron dna


While MDM (Mobile Device management) started it all and it is still growing very fast, the market is evolving towards MCM (Mobile Content Management) and (MAM) Mobile Application Management which combined are being referred as EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management), man what a acronym soup… There seems to be a rush to the app management gold these days from many vendors. Reality is, that customers need a combination of these different technologies to solve different but intertwined problems that require an integrated platform solution. Mobile IT is a platform, not a point solution.

We have been way down this path at MobileIron. We invented the notion of an Enterprise Mobile App Storefront back in 2010 and since then we never stopped innovating in this area, and with the release of AppConnect and AppTunnel in 2012 we now have a very complete Mobile Application Management suite that covers the entire mobile application lifecycle.

Our MAM solution combined with  Docs@work (our  MCM) and Web@work build up our complete Mobile IT platform and we are very pleased to see the adoption of the higher level components of our platform in both our installed base and new customers.

mobileiron platform


Right now there are around 20-30 players competing in this market according to Gartner’s last year MDM Magic Quadrant but what we see in out there in competitive deals is really 2, maybe 3 vendors besides us.

According to IDC growth and market share numbers, MobileIron has emerged as the premium product amongsts the pure players with our closest competitor being very aggressive with their pricing tactics to try to gain market shares and the bigger guys bundling their nacent mobile solutions with their existing legacy products. Dynamics that have all been seen in other markets.

We are very focussed on both building innovative products AND and building a long term profitable business, both of which are great for our customers, not just us.

Somethings Stay the Same

While everything about mobile IT is different, somethings are still (will be) the same, especially for me, specifically that fact that I will compete again against Citrix who acquired ZenPrise last year. We don’t see them too often in competitive deals today, but given their channel reach and presence in IT with their legacy product, I am sure we will see them more and more out there.  It will feel familiar to me 🙂



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