Notes from MobileIron User Conference M3

Today, Bob Tinker kicked off M3, MobieIron’s user conference.

Bob Tinker M3

Jammed packed house of customers!!! No press, analysts or prospects allowed at M3.

MobileIron M3 Participants

During the opening keynote, Bob recognized MobileIron’s first ever customer

Bob Tinker M3

Here is Noah Wasmer talking about mobile industry trends and the MobileIron product roadmap


I loved his joke about buying Windex stock as in the future we will be surrounded by lots of transparent glasses, different types of surfaces and tablets that will need to be cleaned 🙂



Here is Ojas Rege, the most passionate person I know about customers


Here is a picture from yesterday’s technical labs where customers had chance to put their hands on the products and learned best practices form the MobileIron Experts


Grat energy, great knowledge sharing, a great conference so far

and here is MobileIron Maiden, the company band performing for the customer party

MobileIron Maiden

MobileIron Maiden

MobileIron Maiden

MobileIron Maiden - Wally

MobileIron Maiden - Vittorio

MobileIron Maiden - Tim


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