Mobile IS the Strategy

In my job at Mobileiron, I meet with a large number of customers and prospects and I observed that when it comes to looking at their mobility strategy, they fall into two main camps.

The Mobile Tolerant Organizations

The first camp is looking at mobile as a tactical new thing they need to support. They know they need to support modern mobile OSes and make their employees productive on devices they choose, but they are mainly looking at mobile Email and device security. They have not appreciate the strategic importance of mobility and the radical impact is having on user engagement and IT architecture.

The Mobile First Organizations

The second camp understands that mobile is becoming the primary computing platform for customers and employees and they are proactively implementing an EMM platform such as MobileIron. They are way beyond securing the device and providing email across multiple mobile OSes.  The more advanced ones, already have a mobile app development team and are looking at mobilizing all mission critical busines processes.

They take BYOD as a given and they are implementing it. They think in terms of employees engagement, not just security. They know that while mobilizing email is important, it is just an example of enterprise business processes that needs to be available anytime on any device.MobileFirst Logo

These customers are innovating, they know that mobility is a once in a 15 years opportunity to re-look at their business and put technology to work to become more competitive.

Mobility IS the Strategy

The other day I met a one of these customers and when I ask him what their mobile strategy was, he said and I quote:

“Mobile IS the strategy”

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace mobility as your primary computing platform and make your career,  make an impact in your organization, be a change agent and enable the transformation to Mobile First!

– Vittorio


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