EMM Price Update

The Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) market is getting a lot of attention these days and attention comes with some noise and confusion. In this post, I wanted to address what MobileIron has experienced with regard to ASPs.


As MobileIron has noted publicly, our average selling price per device increased in 2013 over 2012, and we recently reported that this increased ASP per device trend continued in Q2 2014. Customer requirements have evolved beyond MDM to the broader EMM with secure apps and content, thus narrowing the competitive landscape, increasing our value and ASP per device. We have continued to focus on expanding purchases of our full platform. We’re seeing increased adoption of our application management and content management products, which in turn is one of the things that is increasing our value as a platform and driving up ASP per device.

I believe that this increase was due to two main factors: Innovation and more advanced customer requirements.

Continued Innovation

Our Engineering team keeps innovating and enhancing our EMM platform with the types of functionality that customers are willing to pay a premium for. Examples include MobileIron Tunnel, as we were the first EMM company to deliver native per-app VPN capability in iOS7,  MobileIron Insight, a great example of Mobile-First EMM Administration, and MobileIron Help@Work, which allows end users to remotely share their screen with help desk staff on iOS devices. Just to mention a few…

The List of EMM Competitors Has Narrowed

In 2013 and 2014 the requirements for enterprise mobility have matured beyond MDM to encompass mobile application (MAM) and mobile content (MCM). As a result the numbers of vendors that can deliver a platform that satisfies this range of mobile requirements has narrowed significantly. The EMM Gartner Magic quadrant sheds some good light on the state of the market. In Mobile focus matters and I believe that to bring the most value to your customers and win, Mobile needs to be your #1 focus. That’s what we do at MobileIron, that is why I am here.

EMM CompetitionBundle, when you can’t win…

Some people wonder whether companies with bigger product portfolios will be able to just bundle their EMM solution as part of big deals and win in the market that way. While I think that some of that will happen, I do believe that if there is a real strategic EMM project at a given customer, they will do their due diligence, take a look at the Gartner Magic quadrant and do an evaluation of the top EMM products. We LOVE evaluations where we can set apart claims and slideware from software that solves organization mobile needs.

MobileIron’s CEO said it best in our Q2 2014 earning call,  “Bundling tends to be the strategy that legacy vendors use when they can’t win with their EMM product.

– Vittorio



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